How to Wear

Pour le Monde’s natural parfums are built in complex layers and have impressive staying power.  

As body temperature heats the fragrance, each layer of the notes— the top, middle and base gently evolve, changing the scent by the minute. It’s a wild experience!  

  1. DO spray liberally. We are not like your typical perfume where you just spritz a little and go. Without any man-made chemical extenders, we recommend applying to the neck, wrists.  Photo
  2. DON’T rub your wrists together! Did you know that the friction causes the fragrance to break down, rushing it so that the beauty of each layer won’t be enjoyed thoroughly.  PHOTO
  3. DO spray in your hair to keep you smelling fabulous longer. PHOTO
  4. DON’T spray in the air and walk through the fragrance cloud to apply. Walking through a cloud of our fragrance won’t activate the complex layers with your skin. Many people do this so they don’t smell too overpowering. No need to worry with Pour le Monde Parfums! Our fragrances stay with you, so when you leave a room, your perfume will too. PHOTO