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Sporty. Invigorating. Refreshing. Men and women can’t get enough of it!

Category: Citrus/Unisex

Mood: Sporty, Energized, Clean

Top: Exquisite citruses from all over the world! Lemon, lime, bergamot, grapefruit, orange, mandarin to name a few!

Middle: Spearmint (when the body heats up, it really comes out!), cassis, basil, orange flower, lemongrass

Base: Cedar wood, benzoin (naturally derived), patchouli (just a drop!)

Size:  1.7 oz    Price:  $82

Benefitting: Guiding Eyes for the Blind/Heeling Autism, providing service dogs that ‘empower’ independence for the visually impaired and children with autism.


“Kind of like drinking a mojito on a hot day.”                                                       - Aha Life      
"I was pleasantly surprised that two hours after spraying Empower onto my skin I could still smell the fresh, citrus scent. This is my go-to perfume now!"                                         -Parenting.com                                                                     "It's an intriguing mixture of lemon, lemongrass and a tiny bit of lemon drop sweetness. Then, it quietens down into the base of a little smoky-woodiness."                    - Scents 'n' Scentsibility

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