Wearing Our Perfumes, Naturally!

Pour le Monde’s natural scents are created to WORK with body chemistry. As the fragrance gets heated on the skin, each note in our complex layer gently evolve, changing the scent by the minute.       It’s a wild experience!

1) DO spray liberally. Our scents are not like how you would wear typical perfumes. Without any man-made chemical extenders, we recommend applying well to the neck and wrists. Don't be shy to spray away!
2) DON’T rub your wrists together! Did you know that friction causes the fragrance to break down, rushing it so that the beauty of each layer won’t be enjoyed thoroughly? We built them so intensely we want you to enjoy every note!
3) DO spray in your hair to keep you smelling fabulous longer. 
4) DON’T spray in the air and walk through the fragrance cloud.  So many people apply fragrance this way so they won't smell overpowering. No need to worry with Pour le Monde.  Our scents aren't "nose blasters" and are created to gently evolve on your skin. Our eau de parfums stay with you, so when you leave a room, your perfume will too.