Our Founder

To say that beauty is in my DNA is an understatement; my father worked at Revlon and I grew up not far from a fragrance facility. On a breezy day, I would sit outside and take pleasure in the fragrant aromas swirling through the air. After graduating from university, it was only natural that my first job would be at Revlon.

My career developed into the magazine industry where I worked at beauty magazines such as InStyle and ElleEach role had me working closely with the top cosmetic and fragrance companies marketing teams and many times, they would borrow my “nose” for feedback on mods in development.

However when I was pregnant, my ob-gyn told me to refrain from wearing perfume because of the unknown effects their chemicals could have on my unborn child. Natural alternatives didn’t excite me as they came in roller balls or aromatherapy oils lacking the beauty and complexity crucial for a gratifying fragrance. I also learned that some of them weren’t very natural at all and yearned to spray on perfume that was 100% safe.

After fragrance houses closed their doors to me, citing that an all natural perfume couldn’t exist, I found a source that said yes. Today, the Pour le Monde collection has been hailed as a breakthrough in natural fragrance creation. Each scent works with your body chemistry, so you smell like you and no one else, naturally.