Our Founder

The founder of Pour le Monde, Wendi Berger

In 2013, I unwittingly became a fragrance industry disrupter. It wasn’t planned. Having been educated about questionable ingredients in perfume during my pregnancy, I just wanted to wear a safe, non-toxic perfume. 

Before the “green beauty” boom, natural fragrances and cosmetics were sold in health food stores. The selection was limited and nothing smelled elegant or sophisticated. Seeing a hole in the market, I figured connections from my career in magazines (InStyle, Elle to name a few) and at Revlon would help me launch a natural perfume line. Wrong!

Fragrance houses and industry experts told me an all-natural perfume couldn't exist because it wouldn’t smell good. Finally, I found a small house to take on the challenge (and indeed it was!) and six years ago, Pour le Monde launched as the first certified 100% natural fine fragrance company. The industry was shocked…and rocked.

Today, there is high consumer demand for transparency, sustainability and natural ingredients and new perfume brands have entered the market. Unfortunately, most of them still use synthetics yet identify themselves as being natural by marketing their ingredients as “chemicals without concern.” It saddens me to see companies capitalizing on this marketplace by green washing to unsuspecting consumers.

Pour le Monde continues to be the fragrance company most decorated with certifications. We will never use synthetic ingredients and animal products or test on animals. So don’t just go safer when looking for a perfume, go safe with Pour le Monde, the original 100% natural fine fragrance company. 

Yours naturally,